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Project Description

Information about the project

Fethneys, Worthing, West Sussex. Fethneys is a project that supports disabled people from 18 up to 25 years old. By spending time with them, shopping, travelling, escorting them to college and helping them live independently at the care house


Information about myself

I am Marlon, now studying System Engineering at University. I´m from Costa Rica, I love Football, and of course I love English Football “Chelsea…!!” I love Travelling and like so much English Culture.

What was a working day like?

It was a bit difficult in the beginning, because I haven’t work with people with disabilities, but then I think I had learn from them, and I think I had a great time working with them and having fun. I had to do meals sometimes, go shopping, travel, to college, to the parks, to the pub, and sometimes to football matches! But my main task was to talk and help them every day. The staff and everyone at Fethneys were so nice to me.

What did you enjoy about living in a different culture?

I chose the UK just to improve my English and It was my first time in Europe and my first time travelling alone. But I also enjoyed the English culture: The food, the nice people, and the nice and different places. I experienced living in a small city of England and so many other things; I travelled and got to know many big cities and the capitals of the world like London. It has been a great experience knowing a new culture.

What did you achieve?

I have learned a lot about myself living alone and living with so many nice and different people in a shared flat. I have become more self confident and Independent and I have more fluency in my English. I met so many people from many different countries and I made so many friends.

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