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Treloar’s College is a college for physical disabled students. It is part of Treloar´s, that has too a School and a Trust, although my job was mainly in the College. The students can live there in some different houses with any technology they need to live properly and staff 24 hours a day. It is located in Holybourne, Alton, in a peaceful place in the countryside.


I am Adrian and my two surnames say that I am from Spain. I was 24 years old when I started the project and 25 when I finished it. I have been a scout since I was 8 years old and a scout leader since 2007. With them I volunteered in some organizations and schools working with disabled students and I knew that you can learn a lot with them.

But, maybe, what I love the most and what my life is dedicated to is films. My love about films has guided my life since I was a child and I want to be working in the film industry in a near future. And because this love has helped me a lot during my life, I like to create activities to share my love with young people. That is what I did in Treloar’s, at Photography, ICT and Media classrooms, very related with films.


I woke up in my three-minute-to-job home and started the first lesson at 09.00 in the morning. There I helped the students to do their work, either in a small group or, usually, in one-to-one basis. Sometimes I typed for them and other times I prepared the camera to be ready for them. I helped them as well in the darkroom or to make activities for Maths, English and ICT lessons.

I was a sort of key worker for one of the students, whose hobbies were much related to mines, so I helped him in Media lessons to create a Flash animation and all the preproduction before it. As well as this, I helped to one of the students to create his first webpage with Dreamweaver.

I used to work 09.00 to 11.00, then 11.45 to 13.00, and finally 14.15 to 16.00 every weekday. Aside of that I had to help in some after class activities and volunteered in anyone I liked it. Because of that I helped in an iPad club in the LRC. I created and managed a Radio Club with the collaboration of the rest of the volunteers, and I went so many times to the Wheelchair Basketball Club to learn and play.

Finally, if you were lucky enough, you could go to help the students and the staff to the trips they prepared. I was lucky enough to go twice to the History Museum of London to see two photographic exhibitions that were amazing.


Even when European cultures are becoming less different with the time, living in UK was a very interesting experience. Of course the most important one was the language. I did not know English very well when I firstly arrived in September 2012, but now I can write this text you are reading, and you can see that although there are mistakes everywhere, it is pretty good for a Spanish guy who learnt English washing dishes in a hotel in London during a couple a summers.

Now I know English enough to be working as a Teaching Assistant in Surbiton, London. And I even assist in English lessons! All my life I will thank Treloar’s to have the patience to teach me words and idioms every day, and ICYE to have trusted me and chosen me to be a Teaching Assistant even when they knew my English had to improve a lot.

Of course I also enjoyed any other aspects about living in English culture. Even more, I finished my volunteer placement in Treloar’s and I stayed in UK. Spain still is waiting for me and it has to wait a little bit longer.


Well, the language is the most obvious one, but my teaching skills are the most important ones. Before my placement in Treloar’s I was not so sure about if being a teaching assistant in UK was easy of not; or if I could do it. But afterwards and thank to the staff I was working with I realized that I could do it and I started to apply for schools and colleges. I now I am working in Surbiton. In London! In UK! Wow!

Everything I do every day now I learnt it before in Treloar’s. Maybe, I would not have been brave enough to be doing what I am doing if Treloar’s and ICYE had not given me the confidence I needed it.

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