Chantiers Sociaux Marocains CSM

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is a registered, non-profit, independent NGO created in 1963, with the main office in Rabat. CSM joined the ICYE Federation as associated member in 2001 and CSM aims to promote youth voluntary work and local development in the communities in which they work. In 1972, CSM was recognized by the Ministry of Youth as a national organization after creating several sections in different Moroccan regions. Today, CSM has 45 sections across the country, supporting international and local volunteers.

Volunteers stay with host families or on residential service projects. Voluntary service placements are mainly in education, health and development projects working with children, women and the local community at large.

ICYE UK also offer a summer teaching programme in Morocco which runs for 4 weeks and allows volunteers the chance to teach either French or English at a local Moroccan school and to also live with a host family. Volunteers on this programme also have time to visit some of Morocco’s most vibrant cities, with other local and international volunteers.


Morocco as an independent state has been in existence since 788 AD, when Idriss first was proclaimed king at Bolubilis.

Today, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy. King Mohammed 6 came to the throne in 2000. A descendant of prophet, he is also the commander of the believers, or in other words Morocco’s religious leader.

Apart from classical Arabic, the language of education, the civil service and the Media, the everyday language in Morocco is the dialectal Arabic, as well as Tamazight (Berber) spoken in the Rif, the atlas and the Souss and wish varies according to region.

Most Moroccans speak French and many speak Spanish and English.

Moroccan cuisine offers refined preparations of sun-drenched fruit and vegetables, rare and aromatic spices, delicate fish and succulent meats. This is the very best of oriental cuisine, famous throughout the world- a real delight for your taste buds.

Projects available

In Morocco you can volunteer in the areas of Youth Work, Disability Support, Community Development.

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