ICYE federation newsletter

Dear Friends, We have dedicated the 34th issue of the ICYE Newsletter to “Volunteering for a Sustainable future”. This is because sustainability remains one of the key challenges facing us today. Increasing global forms of poverty and inequality as revealed by the MDGs, the impact of climate change and global warming, financial crises around the world – the signs are aplenty for all to see! Development must take into account the needs of today and tomorrow, achieve a balance of interests and priorities, and integrate the environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects of development. As Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO from 1999-2009 states, the cultural element is crucial because sustainable development “is closely linked to peace, human rights and equity as much as to ecology or global warming. And if it obviously concerns the natural sciences, economics and politics, it is also a cultural issue.” Download the full newsletter here