ICYE Ghana

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ICYE-GHANA joined the ICYE Federation in 1978, the first in Africa. It is an independent legally registered organisation with the national office in Accra.
ICYE-GHANA is registered as a non-profit organization with the country’s main body, The National Youth Organising Commission that oversees the running of youth programmes in the country. ICYE-GHANA is also listed with the Ministry of Social Welfare, a member of the Ghana Private Voluntary Organisation in Development (GAPVOD) who serves as the umbrella for NGOs.

The goals of ICYE Ghana include

– Breaking through barriers between cultures and people.

– Justice for all persons who suffer from social,economic and personal injustice.

-To promote dialogue and contact between young people from all over the world.

– To develop the spirit of volunteerism among the youth.

– To enable individuals exhibit and acquire skills from the outside world.

– To develop youth mobility tourism.


Ghana has an area of about 238,537 sq. km (92,099 sq miles) with a population of about 20 million people. It is bordered on the east by Togo, on the west by La Cote d’Ivoire, on the north by Burkina Faso, and on the South by the Atlantic Ocean. The country is divided into ten administrative regions. They are Upper West, Upper East, Northern, Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Western, Central, Volta, Eastern and Greater Accra Region where the capital is situated.

Ghana lies in the tropical region with temperature ranging between 20 degrees and 32 degrees.

The flag of Ghana consists of the colours Red, Gold, and Green in horizontal stripes with a five-pointed Black Star in the centre of the gold stripe. Red represents the blood of those who died in the country’s struggle for independence. Gold represents the mineral wealth of the country. Green symbolizes the country’s rich forest and natural resources. The Black Star stands for the lode star of African freedom

 Projects available

In Ghana you can volunteer in the areas of Education, Youth Work.

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