United Planet Tanzania (UPTZ)

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UPTZ became a partner of ICYE in 2009. As a local, Tanzania-based non-profit organization, UPTZ is dedicated to bridging the cultural gap between Tanzania and other countries. Through volunteer placements and community-based projects, the aim is to provide a genuine and unique experience for all the volunteers while benefitting the communities in which they stay. Through the use of host families the volunteer is able to immerse themselves fully within the rich culture.

Most of the projects in Tanzania offer opportunities to work with needy children from disadvantaged backgrounds through being placed at either an orphanage or a local school. When volunteering in Tanzania you will have the unique opportunity to experience the true culture of the people who live there. You could find yourself in either the bustling and vibrant capital of Dar es Salaam or in one of the many traditional and more rural villages.

Please Note: Currently at this time we are only offering short-term placements to Tanzania.


Formerly a German and then a British colony (1885 to 1919, 1919 to 1961, respectively), the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar was founded in 1964 and renamed to the United Republic of Tanzania, of which Zanzibar remains a semiautonomous region.

It is a unitary republic in central East Africa composed of 26 mikoa (regions) and since 1996, the official capital of Tanzania has been Dodoma, where parliament and some government offices are located.

Tanzania has dozens of beautiful national parks like the world famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that generate income with a large tourism sector that plays a vital part in the economy. The economy is mostly based on agriculture, which accounts for more than half of the GDP; agriculture provides 85% (approximately) of exports and gives work to approximately 80% of the workforce. Growth from 1991 to 1999 featured a pickup in industrial production and a substantial increase in output of minerals, led by gold. Tanzania has vast amounts of natural resources including gold deposits and diamonds. It is also known for the Tanzanite gemstones.

Tanzanians are characteristically a warm and welcoming people with a rich and proud culture. The country is among the most stable and peaceful in Africa almost devoid of tribal and religious tensions that trouble some other nations on the continent.

Projects available

In Tanzania you can volunteer in the areas of Education, Youth Work, Community Development, Disability Support, Health Care & HIV/AIDS awareness.

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